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Redcliffe School

Location: Redcliffe School, Kensington, SW10

Type: Commercial design and build

Client: Redcliffe School

Project Length: 2 weeks (including design phase)

Project Brief: Design and installation of playground safety surface and storage shed

Challenges: Provide a multi-use safety play surface in multiple colours to a unique design on a previously compacted loose surface, making allowance for the safe run off of surface water to either side allowing the playground to be used throughout the whole year. Also to erect a Storage shed for playground equipment custom fitted to the boundary wall.

Work Carried Out:

  • Lift existing Astroturf and cart away
  • Grade and compact the base layer soil allowing for a fall of 1:30 to either side allowing surface water to run off
  • Template the graded surface to outline the new multi-use play surface
  • Mix and lay a 25mm deep black base layer
  • Mix and lay the coloured design on top of the base layer giving an overall depth of 50mm
  • Construct the storage shed scribed to the existing boundary wall
  • Apply two coats of weather proof sealer
  • Present to client for sign off

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